West Michigan MAC Trailers

MAC Trailers is a reputable trailer brand because of their quality trailers and unwavering dedication to customer service. MAC Trailers is constantly evolving their trailer line to better accommodate the needs of their customers.

For example, the trucking manufacturers at MAC Trailers visit customer job sites to see how their trailers are being used. If they think that something could be improved in the operation of the trailer, they redesign the next trailer model to resolve the issue. MAC Trailers is a prominent national trucking brand for the following:

  • Straight truck bodies
  • Dry bulk pneumatic tanks in both food grade and raw materials
  • Entire line of liquid tank trailers equipped for gas, oil, fertilizer, or food grade material

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If you are interested in learning more about MAC brand trailers or any of the other trailer manufacturers that we work with, please contact our trailer experts at (800) 748-0139. At Hudsonville Trailer, we take pride in working with the most reputable trailer brands.

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