Not sure which trailer will work best for your product transportation needs? We can help you choose from our inventory of different trailer types. Below, you will find our online guide to finding the right trailer type for the specific needs of your company.

Refrigerated Trailers

West Michigan Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers are completely insulated from every direction to ensure that your products remain at the appropriate temperature during transportation. If you need to transport frozen food or other items susceptible to temperature changes, we highly recommend you use refrigerated trailers for your shipping needs.

Utility Reefers

Van Trailers

West Michigan Van Trailers

Our van trailers are protected against corrosion, which means you don’t have to worry about the service life of your new trailer being cut short by rust.

Our van trailers also feature Snag-Free® walls, preventing cargo from being damaged during transport. The composite side walls of our van trailers have been injected with polyurethane foam to increase durability and decrease tare weight.

Utility Vans

Flatbeds & Drop Decks

West Michigan Flatbed Trailer

Whenever you need to transport large bulky items, you may want to consider a flatbed or drop deck trailer. Flatbeds and drop decks are extremely durable, which means that they are well-suited for heavy items that can only be loaded via forklift or crane.

Both flatbeds and drop decks have an open design, which means that there are no sides or ceiling to contain cargo. This also makes it easier to load and unload construction equipment or other heavy items. If you are looking to transport tall cargo, we recommend you get a drop deck trailer, which has a lowered deck.

MAC All-Aluminum Flatbed

MAC All-Aluminum Drop Deck

MAC All-Aluminum B-Trains

Utility Combo Drop Decks

Dump Trailers

West Michigan Dump Trailer

Dump trailers do exactly what the name suggests—they are built to dump heavy loads. Whether you are interested in loading sand, gravel, or wood chips, we can help you find the right dump trailer for your trucking needs.

We offer multiple sizes of dump trailers for the convenience of our customers. For example, we offer small dump trailers if you just need to cut down a few big tree branches on your property.

MAC Steel Dumps, Tri-axles, Quads & Trains

MAC Aluminum Dumps, Tri-axles, Quads & Trains

MAC Dump Bodies

Grain Hopper Trailers

West Michigan Grain Trailers

A grain hopper trailer is used by farmers during the harvest to haul agricultural products, such as grain. Grain hopper trailers are great for transporting grain across long distances. Whether you need to transport grain to a silo or to market, you can depend on our grain hopper trailers to get you there. Grain hopper trailers come in various lengths to accommodate your transportation needs.

Wilson Pacesetter Hoppers

Wilson Pacesetter 3-9's Hoppers

Wilson Pacesetter Hopper Trains

Titan Multi-Axle Hoppers

Live/Moving Floor Trailers

West Michigan Live Floor Trailers

The floor in a moving floor trailer is comprised of floor slats that are able to move both backwards and forwards. With every third slat connected, you have essentially three sets of floor slats which can be moved either in unison or alternatively.

A moving floor trailer eliminates the need to operate a forklift inside the trailer, making it perfect for warehouses or loading docks. We recommend a moving floor if you need to ship an item that is bulky or stored in pallets.

Titan Live Floor 8-Axle

Livestock Trailers

West Michigan Livestock Trailers

Livestock trailers are an obvious choice for people in the agricultural industry. Livestock trailers feature breathable holes for your animals to ride safely and comfortably during transportation. Whether you need to transport cattle or live chickens, we have a wide variety of livestock trailers for you to choose from.

Titan Live Floor 8-Axle


West Michigan Tautliners

Tautliners, also called curtainsiders, are perfect for quickly loading and unloading cargo. The durable curtains along the side of the trailer can be pulled back to provide easy access for forklifts.

Once you have everything loaded onto your trailer, simply use the vertical load retaining straps to tightly secure the curtains to prevent cargo slippage once on the road. The straps also help prevent the curtain from billowing in the wind while driving.

Utility Tautliners

Pneumatic Trailers

West Michigan Pneumatic Trailers

Need to transport chemical products, food, or building materials? You may be interested in our pneumatic trailers. Pneumatic tank trailers are vacuum-sealed, which means the contents you are transporting are well-protected from moisture, mold, and air pollutants.

To empty a pneumatic tank trailer, compressed air is forced through the pipes and compartments of the pneumatic tank so you can smoothly unload your cargo.

MAC Pneumatic

If you would like further information on a specific trailer type, please feel free to call us at (616) 896-8900. Hudsonville Trailer is dedicated toward helping business owners find the right trailers for their trucking needs.