Not sure which trailer will work best for your product transportation needs? We can help you choose from our inventory of different trailer types. Below, you will find our online guide to finding the right trailer type for the specific needs of your company.

Refrigerated Trailers

West Michigan Refrigerated Trailers

For over 20 years the Utility 3000R reefer remains the #1 selling refrigerated van in North America because Utility's philosophy of continuous improvement ensures optimized thermal efficiency and maximized performance.

The Utility 3000R’s strong, yet light weight design contributes to reduced maintenance and lower operating expenses. The industry’s lightest weight, along with the unmatched thermal efficiency of Utility’s Foam-In-Place (FIP) insulation process and patented Barrier doors provide the lowest fuel consumption from both the truck and reefer unit.

It is obvious to see why for over 100 years trucking leaders choose Utility trailers!

Utility Reefers

Van Trailers

West Michigan Van Trailers

Utility’s thin-wall 4000D-X Composite dry van is the most productive composite trailer available today. Our polyurethane foam core composite side walls optimize strength and lower tare weight. 

4000D-X models such as the Composite-100 and the Tall Bottom Rail (TBR) provide improved strength for tough applications.

From the outside skin to every detail that is inside, under and above, a Utility dry van is the business expression of a company that for over 100 years has been committed to making the most innovative, light weight and durable trailers available in the marketplace.

Utility Vans

Flatbeds & Drop Decks

MAC Flatbeds, Drop Decks, Multi-axles & B-trains

West Michigan Flatbed Trailer

Leading the way for aluminum flatbed manufacturing, MAC’s tandem axle flat is recognized as the benchmark of aluminum platforms in North America. This premium trailer is engineered to handle evenly distributed material loads such as lumber, skids of shingles, block or bagged sand to extreme concentrated steel coil loads. MAC has earned the proud reputation for holding its arch under the most severe of loads.

MAC also provides a lightweight, high load capacity drop deck trailer to meet today’s unique and special load demands. MAC’s special process of forming the all-aluminum neck prior to the final heat treatment of the metal, intern maintains the strength properties of the alloy and enhances the structural integrity of the design. With rear deck heights ranging from 41” to as low as 35”, the MAC drop deck offers wide capabilities of lower deck height loading and hauling opportunities.

Whether you are pulling a single trailer, B-Train or need to meet the Canadian SPIF requirements, the MAC multi-axle platform trailer should be your choice, as it has earned its stripes in Michigan and throughout North America as the industry leader of heavy load haulers.

Utility Combo Flatbeds and Drop Decks

Utility has its way of building flatbed trailers. It starts with the end in mind – understanding what a customer requires to be successful. The advanced and streamlined 4000AE delivers the strength and long-term benefits of a durable “combo” trailer, while weighing less than some all-aluminum trailers.

MAC All-Aluminum Flatbed

MAC All-Aluminum Drop Deck

MAC All-Aluminum B-Trains

Utility Combo Drop Decks

Dump Trailers

West Michigan Dump Trailer

As one of MAC Trailer’s first dealers, Hudsonville Trailer proudly endorses the proven durability of both MAC aluminum and AR-450 steel dumps and trains. Whether you are hauling sand, gravel, scrap, grain or anything in-between, MAC is prepared to equip you with the best features and axle configuration to fit your needs.

MAC Steel Dumps, Tri-axles, Quads & Trains

MAC Aluminum Dumps, Tri-axles, Quads & Trains

MAC Dump Bodies

Grain Hopper Trailers

Wilson Pacesetter Hopper Trailer

West Michigan Grain Trailers

The most preferred grain trailer in North America! Up and down the highway and in and out of the field is just what the Pacesetter is designed to do – Premium performance when and where you need it.

Engineered to maximize even weight distributions from steer axle to rear axle – You'll feel confident in achieving your best payload.

Standard with the original and patented RollerTrap™ – The industry's easiest to use trap opener since 1996. Lightweight, trouble-free, and very low maintenance.

Titan Multi-axle hoppers

No single trailer can match the hauling capabilities of a Titan multi-axle hopper. With the help of its patented THINWALL design, Titan reinvented the hopper trailer to give farmers and bulk commodity haulers the lightest, strongest grain trailer on or off the road today. Each trailer is custom built to match the customer’s application. The constant communication between Titan and their customers drives new innovation and an ever-growing list of options to meet future needs!

Wilson Pacesetter Hoppers

Wilson Pacesetter 3-9's Hoppers

Wilson Pacesetter Hopper Trains

Titan Multi-Axle Hoppers

Live Bottom/Walking Floor

Titan Walking Floor

West Michigan Live Floor Trailers

Lightweight, long life, high performance – Titan takes pride in equipping the world's best-built custom trailers with the world's leading technology in moving floor trailer systems. Titan walking floor trailers feature the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® conveyor system. With the convenience and safety of self-unloading plus an expanded range of backhaul opportunities, Titan Moving Floor and V-Floor® trailers continue to grow in popularity for hauling all kinds of products and materials.

Wilson Patriot Self Unloading Belt Trailer

The year around versatility of the self-unloading Patriot belt trailer coupled with the practicality of its long-lasting and lightweight aluminum construction lends itself to years of service and greater payloads. Wilson's smooth aerodynamic sidewall design reduces wind drag, increases fuel economy, and makes the live bottom belt trailer easier to pull. The trailer stays clean longer, reducing maintenance and the associated costs.

Realize the Patriot's full hauling potential from season to season with such products as corn, potatoes, gluten, hay cubes, gravel and limestone – All unloaded in just a few minutes. The Patriot belt trailer is standard with the best features and it has all the available options necessary to make this trailer meet your hauling requirements.

Titan Live Floor 8-Axle

Livestock Trailers

West Michigan Livestock Trailers

Wilson builds reliable, lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum livestock trailers proven to be very long-lasting and fetching the industry's highest resale values. Wilson is also well known for their attention to animal and operator safety as well as bio-security. You will not find a brand of livestock trailer more attuned to the needs and concerns of today's hauler than Wilson Trailer.

Titan Live Floor 8-Axle


West Michigan Tautliners

The Utility Tautliner loads like a flatbed and protects like a van, providing three-way simultaneous access. Utility Tautliner can also be custom built with a variety of options to meet your operational requirements.

Utility Tautliners

Pneumatic Trailers

West Michigan Pneumatic Trailers

Everyone is looking for a competitive edge. The MAC Pneumatic design, in conjunction with state of the art components, delivers that edge in the form of increased fuel economy, ergonomic controls, shorter unloading times and low maintenance operation. Whether your dry bulk transporting involves cement or sand, plastic pellets, flour, sugar, feed or ash, MAC offers a size compatible to your haul and piping-discharge to meet your requirements. Should you require a tandem, multi-axle or train configuration let the MAC team build your competitive edge.

MAC Pneumatic

If you would like further information on a specific trailer type, please feel free to call us at (616) 896-8900. Hudsonville Trailer is dedicated toward helping business owners find the right trailers for their trucking needs.